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Cable description PANZERFLEX-L

Flexible power cables for use on connecting movable parts of machine tools and any material handling equipment (i.e. Stacker/reclaimer, ship to shore crane, container crane festoon, grabtype ship unloading, gantry festoons, timber crane festoons, etc.). Suitable for any energy supply on cable reels and festoon systems associated to high mechanical stresses, frequent bending/torsional operation, and fast movement with strong acceleration.


1Phase Conductors:

Tinned copper conductor, flexible cl.5 IEC 60228 Specially designed for mobile application.


HEPR compound better than 3GI3. New specially developed crushproof compound with improved electrical and mechanical characteristics

3Cores identification:

Colours according to DIN VDE 0293 part 308/ HD 308 S2

Standard colours:

- 1 core: black

- 3+3 cores: brown, black, grey + 3 green/yellow

- 4 cores: green/yellow, brown, black, grey

- 5 cores: green/yellow, blue, brown, black, grey


Short lay length for better flexibilty ≤7,5 times the laying-up cores diameter

5Separation (if any):


6Inner sheath:

Polychloroprene rubber based compound better than GM1b

7Antitwisting Protection:

Synthetic yarn firmly bonded between inner and outer sheath

8Outer sheath:

Black polychloroprene rubber compound UV resistant oil and chemical resistant better that 5GM2

9 Marking:

U.T.V. CAVI manufactured BY PALAZZO - PANZERFLEX-L 0,6/1 kV nc x cross section.

rated-voltage Uo/U= 0,6/1 kV
max-voltag-ac Um = 1,2 kV
test-voltage 3,5 kV
current-carrying-capacity According to DIN VDE 0298 part 4
tensile-load Up to 20 N/mm2
minimum-bending-radii According to DIN VDE 0298 part 3
reeling-operation No restriction. Consult the manufacturer
festoon-systems Up to 240 m/min
fully-flexible-operation - 25 °C
fixed-installation - 40 °C
max-temp-conductor 90 °C
short-circ-temp 250 °C
resistance-to-oil Resistance to oil According to VDE / IEC standard
weather-resistance Unrestricted use outdoor and indoor, UV resistant, moisture resistant.

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