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Reeling cables

Main Application

Flexible H.V. reeling power cables for use on connecting movable parts of machine tools and any material handling equipment (i.e. Stacker/reclaimer, ship to shore crane, container crane, excavators, also suitable for festoon sistem).

Perfectly suitable for any energy supply on cable reels systems associated from high to extreme mechanical stresses, frequent bending/torsional operation and fast movement with strong acceleration

Technical Features

  • Conductor: Tinned copper conductor, flexible cl.5 IEC 60228
  • Insulation: Micro filtered HEPR rubber compound better than 3GI3
  • Cores Identification: Main cores: natural colour with black semiconductive layer – Splitted earth cores: identified by position and covered with special black semiconductive compound
  • Inner Sheath: Polychloroprene rubber based compound – Special developed with improved mechanical characteristics
  • Antitwisting protection: Textile braid of synthetic yarns – Firmly bonded between inner and outer sheath
  • Outer Sheath: Red polychloroprene rubber compound – UV resistant, oil and chemical resistant better then 5GM3 compound

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